Flag Questions

1.  When does the season start?

Practice begins the first week of August (with the exact date TBD later) at Briarwood High School on either the baseball field, Junior High Field or "The Shelf". Before the week school starts, there will be 2 practices per week. The season starts the Saturday before Labor Day.

2.  In which league do Cahaba Valley teams participate?

Cahaba Valley has partnered with Chelsea and Oak Mountain to form a flag football league for K5 – 3rd grades.  There are two division, K5/1st grade and 2nd/3rd grade. 

3.  Where and when are the games played?

Games will be held at participating parks.

Most games will be played weekly, either on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday nights.  The game night may vary from week to week.

4.  When will we practice?

The practice schedule is a reflection of the game schedule. Generally, teams practice 1   time a week, usually 1 1/2 hours per practice. You may practice Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday. Please be at all practices; your commitment to the team is important.

5.  Where will we practice?

All our teams will practice at Briarwood High School either on the baseball field, on the field behind the Varsity game field press box (commonly called the “shelf”, or on the Varsity game field depending on availability.

6.  What equipment does our program provide?

Cahaba Valley Football provides GAME JERSEY and flags (You will keep the jersey.)

7.  What equipment must I provide?

You must provide a MOUTHPIECE and FOOTBALL CLEATS.

8.  What is the refund policy if my son quits?

Once you register, the Cahaba Valley Football Board makes an expenditure for equipment, supplies, and insurance for the player. If the player quits before the first practice, you will receive all but $50 of your registration fee, provided you return the already distributed equipment. Once your child signs up, we buy insurance and pay a field fee before the season begins. After the first practice, you will receive 50% of your total fee regardless of your reasons for not finishing.

9. Do I have to be enrolled in Briarwood to participate in the Cahaba Valley Football League?

Not necessarily; If you attend Oak Mountain Classical "Westminster School at Oak Mountain" you may play for Cahaba Valley or the public school for which you are districted to attend. In addition, if you have been on the Briarwood waiting list for less than one year, you may be eligible.